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Blink's Five Foot Shelf

She Stoops to Conquer

  I walked below a starry night
      Whose twinkling made me think
Of a noble maiden, fair and bright
      Whose face, like the sun, did sink
At dusk, to conquer the pale knight
She stooped to conquer the pale knight.

Said the knight, I love a barmaid lass
      Whose eyes glow like the stars
My words flow like wine in a glass
      When I woo her at a bar
But when I see a lady, alas!
A noble lady, I become an ass.

The knight’s face, glowing like a moon
      Did smile, a crescent, in the night
For at dusk, the stars will come out soon
      Like the barmaid’s twinkling eye
At once the heavenly lights sang their tune
Of love, the maid’s star, the knight’s moon.

Then, the stars did lose their guise
      The sun, the moon did woo
His pale face lit in joy and surprise
      For the sun is a star too
The fair maiden’s face, the sun, did rise
The moon’s beloved star did rise.

I walked below a starry night,
      When the lady did become the maid
The moon loved the stars, then loved the light
      Of the sun, and did not fade
The maiden, the sun, fair and bright
She stooped to conquer her loving knight.

- Bobby Ren

BlinkWeaver © Copyright

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