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Who is BLinkWeaver?
    BLinkWeaver is a studio managed by two senior chemists and computer-holic geeks who are working in China and North America. BLinkWeaver offers top quality services for bilingual web site construction and search engine optimization.
Why BLinkWeaver?

  • BLinkWeaver is Understanding
    BLinkWeaver fully understands that a well-organized web site is an essential ingredient of a healthy business. It is not for decoration only in company's catalog booklet. It is one of the driving forces affecting company's marketing strategies.

  • BLinkWeaver is Wisdom
    BLinkWeaver is equipped with innovative technologies. The scientific and industrial background of its professionals makes its products and services unique and the best. BlinkWeaver's SEO algorithm PORP guarantees higher search engine result pages for both the English and the Chinese editions of its customers' web sites.

  • BLinkWeaver is Solutions
    BLinkWeaver's masters are familiar with the culture of the Western and the tradition of the Eastern. BLinkWeaver provides the public with the accurate information of a company through its carefully customized web site with highly targeted traffic from visitors. BLinkWeaver appreciates it if you would like to visit sample sites to recognize its motto - "Be Linked via Us".
BLinkWeaver is Always Available

    If you think BLinkWeaver will be helpful to your business, it is always available.

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